Our Mission

Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development. Through in-person classes and community support, Girl Develop It helps women of diverse backgrounds achieve their technology goals and build confidence in their careers and their every day lives.

[ Our Vision ]

Our vision is to create a network of empowered women who feel confident in their abilities to code and build beautiful web and mobile applications. By teaching women around the world from diverse backgrounds to learn software development, we can help women improve their careers and confidence in their everyday lives.

[ Our Values ]

We are committed to making sure women of all races, education levels, income and upbringing can build confidence in their skill set to develop web and mobile applications. Our goal is to provide powerful hands-on programs to women seeking professional help in software development and create basic to advanced web and mobile applications.

Our Story

The Dayton Girl Develop It chapter was founded June 2015 by Sara Cope. We meet regularly for Code & Coffee events and host workshops. Code & Coffee is an ongoing opportunity for you to practice your skills, meet new friends, and get help if you need it. Our workshops are available to help level up your skills.


Our Leadership

Sara Cope

Sara Cope, Founding Chapter Leader, Code & Coffee Organizer

Sara Cope is currently a developer with GSA Digital Service, and CSS guru with over 10 years of experience. She has a B.S. in Management Information Systems from Wright State University. When Sara isn't immersed in all things web, she can be found playing tabletop games and supporting her local park system.

Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman, Chapter Co-Lead

Katy is a self-taught developer currently working at Sparkbox. Prior to pursuing a career in programming, Katy worked as a writer/editor and spent almost ten years as a community and regional planner. In addition to building websites, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, and reading and writing books.

KC Jones Evans

K.C. Jones-Evans, Chapter Co-Lead

K.C. Jones-Evans is a software developer with Applied Information Sciences. She has a B.S. in Computer Science and over 6 years of experience in the complete development cycle of software, from initial requirement gathering to maintenance of completed systems. K.C. enjoys spending her free time doing cross fit, crocheting, discovering new food spots, and of course playing on her computer.

Catherine Meade

Catherine Meade, Chapter Co-Lead

Catherine builds responsive websites up and down the stack with Sparkbox, focusing recently on a single enterprise level design system. Catherine has a strong passion for education; she spends her free time volunteering with Girl Develop It, sitting on the local leadership team and teaching code classes. Her other hobbies include reading, video and tabletop games, and making cat jokes.


Our Team

Kevin Jones Evans

Kevin Jones-Evans, Organizer

Kevin is a software developer with Mile Two. He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Wright State and has worked professionally as a software developer for 6 years. In his non-work time, he enjoys cross fit, video games, learning more about everything computer-related, and spending time with his wife and cats.

Ren Cummings

Ren Cummings, Organizer

Ren is a developer and designer at Mile Two. She has an enthusiasm for learning and creative problem-solving. She has a masters and bachelors in fine arts. Some other things she enjoys include running, comics, and digital illustration.

Heather Tayler

Heather Tayler, Organizer

Heather is a graphic designer who transitioned into web development. As a frontend developer she finds great satisfaction in bringing design concepts to life via writing beautiful, clean, responsive, and accessible code.